Let’s Make Your Event Amazing!

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Thanks for your interest in Mike Toy! Yes, he does Dallas magic shows, but he’d be happy to travel to your city or state or country to do your event!

Here are frequently asked questions:

Absolutely! 100%. Mike is a clean performer. He doesn’t resort to off-color humor or questionable language to generate laughs. His off-the-cuff humor is sure to be a huge hit with your crowd. It’s so clean that people of any age will enjoy it.

Yes! If you are not thrilled with the Dallas magic shows just pay $1. $1? Are you kidding? Mike is not happy until you are. Please keep in mind that some things are out of his control like if your microphone doesn’t work or if you don’t have a raised stage and people can’t see the show well from where they are sitting. But if you supply what he needs, you’ll have a great time!

Why, yes! Mike who does all these Dallas magic shows (and beyond) will give you a custom quote for the needs of your event. There’s no additional travel fee. You don’t need to worry about covering hotel, transportation to and from the airport or anything else. Mike’s a big boy and will figure all of that out.

Yup! In fact, all Dallas magic shows of Mike’s carry insurance. The good news is that this liability insurance is good for all 50 states. Not that Mike has ever used his insurance, but it’s nice to have peace of mind for both him and you!

Great question. At any of his Dallas magic shows, he’ll need a hands-free, head-worn microphone (first preference) or a lavalier microphone (second preference) and a hand-held microphone (for his volunteers). This will assure that the entire audience from the front to the very back of the room can hear everything that’s going on. He’ll also like a small table (at least a 2×2 tabletop) and a regular sitting chair.

You’re probably asking because there might be a few people you want him to select to help out on stage, right? Awesome. Since you’re the event planner, just give him a list of 20 people who you think might be fun to have on stage, people who like the attention. He can’t guarantee that he’ll get through all 20 people, but it’s always better to have more than not enough. He may also pick a few people randomly in addition to your list.

You bet! If you have happy hour, Mike will be happy to circulate amongst the crowd and do magic and mindreading for small groups. This is a great way to break the ice and help people gets to know each other better. What better way is there than to have some fun and laughs? How mingling magic works is he’ll do some tricks for a group of 2-6 people for a couple minutes and then move onto the next group. That way as many people as possible get to experience the magic.

Why, of course! Whatever your event is, whether it’s just one evening or a multi-day conference Mike is happy to do it! He’ll keep the agenda fresh and people’s interest peaked. There won’t be a dull moment. Oh no. And he’ll be super organized so the event will flow just as seamlessly as possible. What a great idea!

As long as it fits into his schedule, he can make it happen. Mike is primarily a corporate entertainer, traveling all over the world to put on his shows, but if you have a milestone birthday, anniversary, wedding or such, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to see if it might work out. He has done just about every type of private event out there.

Depending on the type of show we’re talking about, there may be occasions where Mike may bring an assistant or two to help with set up, tear down, and take photos or videos for review. He believes in constantly improving himself so it’s always helpful to watch past footage to see what can be done better. He and his team may also ask for quick video testimonials from people who might want to say something. Footage may be posted online. If you have other preferences, please let him know ahead of time.

Every comic has a storehouse of humorous remarks that he has archived. Given the right moment, he can simply recall it. These are time-tested and will get laughs every time. But Mike also relies on in-the-moment humor. Sometimes, something funny just pops up in Mike’s brain and he says it. 9/10 times it’s funny. The other 1/10 is a learning experience, but he’ll spin it somehow nevertheless and still get some laughs out of it. Yes, he’s that good. He’s trained with some of the best comedy writers in the country, several have written for Jay Leno, David Letterman, and others.

When he was growing up, it didn’t cross his mind because it was not a job that most people know how to get into. Even his career guidance counselors were steering him into jobs that were pretty standard fair. Nobody saw the potential to be one of the best comedy entertainers we have ever seen including him. When he did his first magic show many years ago it was about 15 minutes long. He got lots of laughs, but it wasn’t because of anything he did. It was because he had a little girl as a volunteer who made the show a hit. She was adorable and said aloud what everyone was thinking. So early on, Mike’s show business philosophy was to always involve volunteers whenever possible so that they can experience the magic up close and personal.