How Do You Become a Comedian

A lot of people ask the question how does one become a comedian.  that is a wonderful question because the journey is going to be different for everybody. Some people are naturally funny. Remember a time of your childhood where there was a class clown in your room? Of course there was a Class Clown. There’s always at least one class clown and every class. And if you don’t know who that class clown was it was probably you.  so obviously these people had a head start because they were already doing funny things and saying funny things before they became adults. Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy had similar beginning.  not just because he had such a beginning doesn’t mean that you have to have the same type of you need. Everyone begin to the different place and it’s important to know that your beginning is true to yourself.


And then there’s a whole different sub group of people who are not naturally funny but work really hard to be funny. And these people have to be applauded because it’s not in their natural talent to do this and it requires a lot more effort. And obviously with a lot more effort comes a lot more set back and people who have pushed past those setbacks can really be funny because they’ve been so disappointed that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. So these people ought to receive some acclamation as well. And in some ways Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy also fits the bill here.  Even though he is naturally funny he also had to work really hard to bring his craft up to the next level. And when I’m Tom by the next level on top of the next level up not down of course. Was that funny?


Nobody starts off in life wanting to become such a funny person because it’s not natural. When you And of course you can be the funniest person in the world and nobody will notice you and you’re not going to make it financially this way. But this doesn’t mean that you’re not good. When it comes to show business you need to be good at both the show and business. Both are really important because if you’re not good at the show part no one’s going to give you any business and if you’re not good at the business part no matter how good you are at the show you’re not going to have any business either. So it’s important to tackle both animals together. And that’s one of the important lessons did Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy taught a lot of us. 


When it comes  to Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy he actually learned through A lot of challenging times. In fact the funniest people have had really really challenging times in their lives because it’s in these Rock Bottom places where funny ideas sometimes just appear haphazardly. You’ll notice that a lot of funny people have had very difficult lives. And a lot of them still have difficult lives but they choose to talk about it in an open Manner and it becomes therapeutic for them. A lot of performers are addicted to substances or alcohol and have had or are still having issues with it. This doesn’t make them any less of course but it creates a problem because it’s something that will cut them in the long run.


Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy faces challenging times also.  It’s that all of us face  difficult situations at one point or another in our lives because that’s just the nature of living. No if you don’t think you have faced challenging times perhaps what’s challenging to you hasn’t been as challenging. but I do want you to reflect on times when things were very difficult and you can start talking about things that way. The first step is not to try to be funny but the first step is trying to communicate your stories clearly. We can add the comedy part in later or a better way to say it is we can uncover the funny parts at a later point. Because there are funny points in every single story and when you understand that it will transform all the things in your presentation. But we’ll talk about this a little bit more later.


I want to let you know that tough times bring up a lot of great anecdotes that a performer can use to enhance their story. And the stories can be set in a lot of different ways but the main thrust of the story needs to be based in reality. Some embellishment is okay but I wouldn’t go over the top. Just like highlighting the key points in not mentioning points that are not relevant is a great way to start. You don’t want to have too much filler information that makes the audience go to sleep. So if you really feel that it’s important for you to be onstage in order to bless people with the stories of your life then that might be a sign that Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy iscause a sign that you might be going the right direction.


I want to point out to you that everybody’s journey is a little bit different. Nobody’s journey is the exact same thing as somebody else is going to be cuz none of us are living lives that are exact duplicates. You are very unique in this. Of life and there’s nobody else like you and there’s nobody else with her experience so we really need to uncover these stories in your life that are really powerful so that the rest of the world can see them and experience them. There is no point trying to hide the stories away from the public because think about the blessing that you will being to so many people around you when they can relate to your story and say hey I know what you’re talkin about.