The One Thing Event Planner Should Know

When it comes to planning events there are a lot of factors that factor into an event and being done very well. I’m sure you’ve been to events where it was not very organized where the food was not very good or the service was not very amazing. We leave with disappointment in our hearts and hope that things might be better. But things cannot improve unless you make some changes and unless you are aware of what needs to be changed and you’re not going to change anything at all. Well if I had a chance to sit down with all the event planners in the world this is what I would educate them on and it would be very valuable for them because what I’m about to tell them will actually help their events become so much better every time. Each and every time if they take my advice the experience of their guests in audiences will be at least really good.


The first thing that is really important aside from the decorations and the food is the ambience of the event. You want the core to speak what you want it to communicate. And of course if you’re looking for a very high Gala typing look then go for it. If you’re looking for some type of fun western cowboy type of theme then go for that or whatever seem you like. These things are really important but what I want to tell you is that they are even more important to the human touch of the entire experience. So what if you have the best food and the best decorations but people don’t feel like they were given proper attention 2 when they came. They will leave a sour taste in their mouths. One of the questions is how will they be greeted? Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy recommends that every guest guest greeted at least three times before they leave home. Three is a magic number because it provides 3 simple touches for people to feel like they were cared for. So please keep that in mind.


The other point I want to mention to you that Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy taught many people is that the pre-event is very important. What do I mean by the pre-event? Well this is the event that happens before the event. Sometimes people call it the informal part of it. Some people call it the cocktail hour or the happy hour or the appetizer time. Or whatever it is it’s a time before the formal event takes place where people get to mingle. In fact this might be the most important part of the event for others Because by the time they sit down at the banquet table it’s not going to be easy for them to talk to anybody but the people under left and right and so they are quite limited to who they can socialize with and if the people under left and right were already talking to other people around them then they are kind of stuck by themselves with nobody to talk to. And that is quite unfortunate according to Tulsa Illusionist Mike toy.


Fortunately, Tulsa Illusionist Mike Toy came up with some really great remedies on how to solve this problem and he wants to share them with you as I am sharing them with you right now. One of the key ways to make sure that everyone gets a human touch is to be sure that You have a greeter at your event. When I say greeter you can actually have a team of Greeters obviously depending on the size of your event.  you can never have too many greeters. But when the greeters are employed make sure that they know what they’re doing and that they are not just greeting people just because it’s their job. Anybody can say Hi, how are you doing tonight? But it’s important for them to actually care about these people. So with the greeters make sure that they are trained properly to understand the importance of the evening and also you might want to incentivize them to understand that the greeting part of this evening is so important that you’re willing to give them a bonus if there are no complaints or there are people complimenting them to you about how wonderful and evening it is. Or the more compliments you get the more of a bonus these creatures will have. So that’s why you want to have a really great team of greeters ready to go according to Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy.


Now these greeters should not just be greeting people under way in but it’s also important to Green people on their way out or I should say did people farewell. Now this can mean helping people get their jackets or being available to answer any questions people my half. Or it can mean just being present and smiling and not being distracted by other things. There were experiences where greeters during the down time were just chatting amongst themselves and mentioning jokes that were a little bit inappropriate and that should be avoided at all costs because Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy believes that professionalism needs to be on all the time even when people are not looking. I’m sure you’ve been to shopping malls where at kiosk Merchants were just playing with their phones and not trying to make eye contact with you or sell you anything. of course these Merchants are not the owners because owners want sales. These people are hired hands who just get paid by the hour so they don’t really care about the sales that much. You want to avoid people like that. You want people who are highly motivated and people who really want to do their jobs well. These people are a little bit hard to find but make sure that you don’t hire  just because you have a need but because you have really promising people.