What's the Price of Magic?

When it comes to pricing a lot of people want to pay as little as possible. This is completely understandable. After all who wants to pay more for less. Of course pricing isn’t the only Factor. There’s also another Factor such as quality. So whenever you get into a difficult situation and trying to decide what to buy. You often try to just look at price. But is that the best way to figure out what is best for you? When will talking about price Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy thinks that value is better to think about than price.  The reason why he thinks so is because price does not tell you what you’re going to get.


For instance if you want to buy a car and I sell you one for $1,000 when you have an option to buy one for $20,000 is that a good deal? Well the answer of course depends. It depends on what you’re getting for $1,000. The card that you’re getting for $20,000 is 20 times more than the $1,000. So a fair comparison is are you getting 20 times the value? Now this is an interesting question because how do you determine value? Well, if you ask Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy about  how to determine value you’re going to get a couple of different answers. 1 answer that you might get is well it depends on how far the car is going to drive. What good is it to have a $1,000 car when it is completely broken and in need of seriously expensive repairs? Of course that doesn’t make any sense. Unless you are using it for spare parts or selling it for spare parts. Then perhaps that would make sense but that’s not necessarily true.


When it comes to price it helps to figure out what exactly you’re getting because this is not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison. You are actually comparing oranges to Apples. And of course orange juice to apples are not as easy to compare because you’re not exactly comparing the same thing but this frame of reference will help you understand that things can be compared even though they might be different. Imagine you if you have a Toyota and you’re comparing it against a luxury car like a Mercedes Benz. Obviously both cars run similarly. Both cars will get you to your destination. The one obviously might have a few more features that the other one does not have. The question to ask yourself and to ask Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy  is if the extra cost it’s worth the value that you’re getting. And that is completely subjective because some people might not value luxury as much as other people. Some people rather save some money and spend it on something else rather than have the latest power windows in the car. So this is case to Cason up two individuals one at a time.


The other factor that you want to consider when you’re talkin about Value is how long you expect this card to last. Because a brand new car is expected to last a lot longer than a car that’s been in service for 10 years. So you really got to think about what you’re doing and whether or not it’s the right move. And I can’t tell you what you should do or what you shouldn’t do because it’s a personal decision that’s between you and your family members and your loved ones. So you’re a little bit on your own there but what I can tell you is that sometimes when you pay more you’re actually getting a lot more value and it makes it worth it. So take for instance this equation. Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy started to think about this. If he bought a brand new car that cost twice as much as an old car but the resale value is significantly higher than the used car then it just doesn’t make sense to get a used car at all especially when you can get a brand new one for just a little bit more. Does that make sense?


Another way to think about this is if you’re driving a lot you want to make sure that you get oil changes regularly but if you don’t do that then something might happen to your car and at that point your car may break down and causing a lot of problems. I’m sure you won’t be thinking about price at that point because whatever it takes to fix your car that’s what you’re going to do so that’s why Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy is a really great solution here because he can do something to your car. No one else can do and before you know it you’ll be completely as if it was new. So you can rest assure and rest your mind knowing that you are in tremendous hands.


When it comes to values who puts your interests above his own and in fact if something is not of tremendous value to you he won’t even bring it to your attention because he feels it would be a waste of time. He would not do or suggest to you what he would not suggest to his mother. That’s a very good standard to go buy because you care about your mother more than anybody else in the world so anyone who treats their mom well knows that that’s the way to do it. And Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy is that amazing.  his mama is very proud of him and if you ever meet his mama one day you would agree and understand why he’s very proud of him because he is certainly one of a kind person that values value over price and that’s the way to go in the long run because you want to save as much money as possible and also earn as much money in the future so that’s the way to do it.