Where to Get Funny Ideas

That’s a great question that’s worth trying to figure out. So you can get a lot of funny ideas from a lot of different sources. But ultimately you want to come up with your own original funny content at the end of day. Nobody really wants a copycat. In the beginning I think it’s natural for people to copy other people’s jokes. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily right or wrong but it is the way we learn. Think about it. In school you learn some knock-knock jokes and then you would just copy it and try those knock knock jokes and somebody else. You weren’t in a position to come up with your own original knock knock jokes. But the act of you copying it is a great step forward in the right direction for you because at least you are getting the hang of and practicing what it takes to start joking around. So once again it is very natural to copy but the end goal really is to come up with your own material. According to Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy he says that the source of funny material can come from a lot of different sources. You just have to know where to look and begin.


A lot of people think that you can just buy a whole bunch of joke books and just take some of the jokes and use them. That can be fine but the only problem is that once you get on stage and use some of these jokes some people might recognize them as other people’s chokes and immediately don’t lose respect for you or maybe tune out. Certainly there are people like that but the other problem with using humor from joke books is that it can also turn off your creativity skills because you feel like you can be funny about working hard on it and that is actually not true. Just because you have a joke doesn’t mean that it’s going to be funny. Because you still have to work on the delivery of that joke and some jokes require you to edit them a bit to make it even funnier. So Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy tells great stories about how to improve jokes.


That’s why it’s better to come up with your own original material even if it’s not funny in the beginning because then you know where you are at. Unless you have a sober assessment of where you are at in your level of funniness there’s no way to know how you can improve. This is analogous to a track runner. Unless you time your runs you actually don’t know if you’re getting better or worse. So in order to improve you need to know where you are at currently. There needs to be a baseline that you can improve from. So that’s why I think that the advice to Tulsa Christian comedian Mike toy gives is actually quite powerful when it comes to creating comedy bits.


I would suggest that you look into this as much as possible because in order to get really good you need to have a lot of stage time. That’s the shortest way to get really good. There are some people who write jokes and study jokes but he never performs. That’s a shame Because you can only get so good without trying it out on real people. Now I’m not saying that it’s that’s challenging but at the same time it is very challenging. It’s not challenging to get Open Mic time at some event but what is difficult sometimes is that you might get some really nervous breakdowns when you’re onstage especially if you’re not onstage very much. When you see a lot of people looking at you sometimes you feel like hey something is up but it’s important to realize that when you’re onstage that’s how it’s really going to feel like when you’re in front of audience member so perhaps you can start with a smaller crowd of 5 or 10 people before you jump into crowds of hundreds or thousands of people. Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy thinks that that is the best way to get stage time.


Now where you can go to get a little bit of stage time are open mics at coffee shops all around town because they’re always looking for free talent who are willing to try new things. Keep in mind that you don’t want to emulate everybody you see on stage because there are some people who have poor taste and their acts are really terrible. Now people might still like them but that might not be a good test on how you should be as a funny person. So it’s important to be yourself no matter what the situation calls for. Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy says that the best person you can be is yourself, so do yourself.


I find that one of the Hidden gems when it comes to developing your funny ideas is just talking to funny people. When you are around people who are naturally funny or people who have worked up to be funny. You’re in good company because they’re always thinking on a creative level. A lot of people are not thinking about it. So that’s why I think that you should surround yourself with people who can encourage you and push you up to the next higher level so that you can be who you plan to be. I really like Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy because he actually gives us a lot of great advice on how somebody can prove. And unless people know a really good starting point it’s really going to be difficult to have an endpoint. So that’s why you should consider jumping up on stage and doing a little bit in the beginning and even if nobody likes it it’s okay. At least you know where you’re starting, that way you can improve from that point forward.