Why Choose Magic

When it comes to entertainment there are a lot of different options that you can choose from. You can have the snake handler, the banjo player, the belly button dancers, the sword swallower, and a whole host of other entertainment options. Now there are certainly some parties that require certain kinds of entertainment. But if you’re shooting for a party that works for the most people you don’t want to have anything that grosses people out. You don’t want to have anything that is seemingly dangerous where people might get hurt and this might include the Entertainer of course. Of course a lot of entertainers don’t really put themselves on the line but even if it looks like they’re putting themselves on the line it makes it very difficult for audience members to watch let alone enjoy experiences like that. So that’s why according to Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy you want to try magic as a really safe bet. Now there are various types of magic and I will tell you about them.


There is stage magic and there is parlor magic and there is close up magic. Those are the three categories of magic and in each of these categories there are subcategories. But I won’t dive into the subcategories right now because it’s not the scope of this article. What we will talk about though is the importance of a type of magic that is comedy. A lot of people don’t think that comedy and magic work together but Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy defies all that because he shows to you and everyone else that they do work together and they do work together very well in fact. When people are really into Magic in a serious way it gets very intense and there’s tension in the air because somebody’s mind is getting red or somebody is about to escape from shackles or whatever the story my feed. You don’t want to have that type of heavy tension throughout the entire performance because it gets to be a little bit too draining. People really love laughing and if you can have entertainment designed to get people to laugh that’s ultimately what people enjoy the mouse. In fact people don’t care how great an act is as long as you make them laugh. So that’s a little tip there that I like to give you.


Unfortunately there are not a lot of performers like Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy who can make people laugh and make people feel astonished at the same time. So that’s why it’s important to bring people like that into your events especially if you have them available to you. After all, it’s not very common that a comedian and a magician wind up being the same person. So in essence you are getting two performers for the price of one. So that’s a bargain that you simply cannot pass up. If you’re still with me I want you to understand that even if you do get just a comedian or just magician that is still better than nothing At all but if you can get a combination comedian and a magician you’ve just done everybody a big favor. And Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy understands this better than anybody else that I know of.


Yes you can offer a circus act or four people who can swing on a trampoline or a trapeze artist or somebody who can contort their body into shapes that are really difficult. but these types of Acts will not lead to people laughing and therefore people will not be as entertaining. Now people might think that it’s pretty amazing because it’s not something that you see everyday but they will not get as much entertainment value as they would from somebody that actually makes them laugh. And if this Entertainer is also very engaging and personable that is just a homerun that nobody can be. So you want to keep that in mind when you are looking for entertainment options. I really like Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy for all these things.


Well we are certainly not done yet here talkin about why choose magic but I also want to let you know that when you choose comedy with magic you are choosing a one-two combination punch that will knock your audiences socks off because it’s a rare sight for them to meet such an individual with such talent and when they do so it will be absolutely blown away in laughter. And they’ll be talking about you for a very long time to come because you were the one who organized such an amazing event for them. If you want the very best for the people who are coming in as audience members to your event you want to go safe with magic because you really can’t go wrong. Yes, I do understand that some people don’t like the word magic because it can mean different things to different people before the majority of people understand that magic is simply sleight-of-hand. And it’s something that’s fun visually and people look forward to that because it’s not like they get the opportunity to see much magic all the time so with that said I want to tell you about an opportunity that Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy has given to each of us.


Now that you’ve been educated on the importance of choosing magic I hope that you do choose magic because it will be of tremendous service to your event and also it will help the reputation of your event to skyrocket to the point where other people will be talking about it and you will be blown away by the compliments that you receive day in and day out because of it. A lot of people will give such great feedback that you’re going to be kicking yourself not doing something about this much sooner and the truth is that if you do things very well people will remember you.