Why Christian Comedy?

When I mentioned the word comedy a lot of times you would first think about people who are off color with their remarks or swear. This is a bit unfortunate because that’s not necessarily the style of every comedian. Churches and Christian organizations obviously want, but they don’t want all the inappropriate language or sexual innuendos. This is completely understandable. that’s why it’s really important to have a kind of Comedy where people can relax and laugh and not have to worry about an F bomb going off mid-sentence. Of course when this happens the event planner can get in really big trouble. That’s why Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy provides such a valuable service to all concerned.


When you think about the comedy choices that you get sometimes you really need to screen them out very well because some people say that they are clean on stage and they might be clean on stage but once they get off stage they are not clean in their language. You want somebody who is both clean onstage and offstage. You just don’t want to risk anybody getting turned off in any particular way. And when it comes to Comedy you could have some really high quality comedy without all the dirty language. Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy knows how to do just that.


Finding such a person is not that easy in and of itself because the vast majority of Comedy out there that we see is affected by the culture that we are in and the culture seems to indicate that swearing and cussing and talking about sexual references is really not a big deal as long as it generates laughter. But that’s not the philosophy of Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy. In fact he thinks the exact opposite is true. Yes an off-color word can generate a cheap laugh but he doesn’t think that that justifies saying those words. And many would agree with him. I hope you are one of them.


Speaking about high-quality clean acts, Tulsa Christian comedian Mike toy provides Such a performance. And this is a relief to many because there are not a lot of options that people can choose from when it comes to such great comedy without compromise. A lot of churches and event centers would really enjoy acts like this that don’t use any foul language and still the audience will love it.


Now it’s not easy sometimes for people that come up with clean acts especially when  there aren’t that many role models. But that’s the challenge Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy has taken on. Yes, it’s true that there are not that many role models but there are a few role models and that’s all you really need. He believes that he is a Pioneer in this field and wants to pave the road for many other performers to follow in his steps.


All of us love a good belly laugh and we really enjoy hearing other people laugh and it creates a very contagious situation because a lot of people would want to enjoy the acts so much more. Laughing by yourself is one thing but laughing with an entire room of people laughing at the same thing brings it up quite a bit. And I just want to let you know that everybody will be laughing because Tulsa Christian comedian Mike Toy knows how to bring his A-game to your event. And you won’t be disappointed. In fact you’ll be really glad that you had them as he is also a very classy guy.


This person’s act is very suitable for churches  and Christian conferences everywhere. In fact he has traveled the world with his famous act Blends all types of different art forms together in one. You’ll have the best of all the worlds. Such a great situation he’s in because he’s surrounded by people who actually appreciate what he does. This is a tremendous witness to the comedy world around him because it shows that clean comedy can be accomplished. And that there is no shortage of the man for such acts. 


I wish you could see his performance because then you will also be convinced then what you’re about to see is something that is quite unique and not a lot of people have seen at such a high level before and then you will tell all your friends and family about it and then word will spread about what a wonderful time you all had and that’s how businesses get developed from scratch. And the sky’s the limit here because there are tons of people who are desperately seeking such forms of entertainment but haven’t found them yet. Well this is the beginning of the snowball effect because once other people realize that this can be done and done well a lot of people will be emulating it and then sooner or later you will see that the culture will start to shift and change to clean comedy which is of tremendous benefit to everyone.


It’s a little bit strange that you have to use the word clean to describe comedy these days because he really ought to be clean.  There really is no need to be dirty in comedy because it’s uncalled for and it doesn’t actually make things better. So watching your language should be rewarded because not a lot of people do that.  It’s a lesson that a lot of kids learn at a young age to watch their language because the language affects the person’s heart. When you use words that you shouldn’t, it starts to affect you as a person and makes you and turns you into a person you don’t want to be. Likewise words can also be life-giving and powerful so that you can actually give yourself a lot of freedom in hope if you use the right language. And that’s what this person brings to the table and I really hope that you have a chance to witness this in person.