Why Magic is for Everyone

When it comes to fantasy what are you thinking about? You might be thinking about a popular novel or movie or experience. And those are very common things that people associate with fantasy. But one of the greatest fantasy experiences that you can possibly have is not really outside of you. In fact it is actually inside of you. No I’m not talking about the inside of your body. But Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy I will show you that the greatest fantasy is actually in your own mind. Because you’re mine is a fantasy creating experience. It’s a machine that never stops. Let me explain a little bit more about what I mean by that so that you get the bigger picture. So whenever you fantasize especially when you are sleeping or daydreaming you are in a completely different Zone then your normal state of mine so much so that when you fantasize it relaxes you and you are kind of transported to a completely different world. Some people call this a completely different realm. Of course this is a really bad idea to do when you’re driving. Because when you’re operating a motorized vehicle and fantasizing you might not be paying attention to the road ahead of you and that can cause a lot of problems which you obviously do not want.


 So how can somebody fantasize more? Well you have to put yourself in situations where you can do that. A lot of times this happens when you are sleeping. I would call this the deepest stage of fantasizing because you’re actually resting your entire body and you’re not fully aware of everything around you. So when you are fully relaxed like Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy then you have complete control of what you’re fantasizing about. Just kidding. You actually don’t have any control about what you’re fantasizing. In fat what you’re thinking about is oftentimes what is most pressing to you and things that you are concerned about the most. Or another way to put it is the amount of stress that you have will often show up in your fantasies. Perhaps in a different form or perhaps in a familiar or unfamiliar form. But what you get is an adaptation of what your fantasy is all about. So it gives you a little bit of insight into your mind or state of mind or peace of mind if you will and tells you a little bit about your mental health for better or worse. And that’s actually quite helpful.


 Now if you don’t fantasize very much then you might actually be a candidate for something called the dream machine. A lot of times we don’t want to admit that we actually fantasize because people might look down at that. But it’s actually not a bad thing at all. Because what you are doing when you’re fantasizing is you’re actually using your creativity muscles in your brain and actually that can open up a lot of fresh ideas that you otherwise would not get. Creative ideas that Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy brings out in other people is just really amazing to say the least. Because he can take your fantasies to a whole different realm and you won’t even realize that you’re there until you’re there. Because the process is going to be so smooth and also so Charming that it’s like a really smooth ride down the Amazon River with a really nice guy.. The jungle is out there around you and there are alligators and sharks in the water but that doesn’t bother you because you are in the fantasy Mobile on water through the Amazon and that is a trip of a lifetime.


I want to tell you about an important fantasy that you might want to consider fantasizing about in the times that you can fantasize because not everyone fantasizes very well so this might help a little bit. Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy is a really sensational fantasy expert. Not only has he read a lot of books on this topic but he also loves the escape room and does everything he can to push himself into the state of mind where he is always on his top creative level. And speaking about creativity there’s nothing that makes a person more creative than avocado and milk. Yes you might think I’m joking about that but these two food groups actually helped one another especially when taken in combination it actually allows for people to be in a deep sense of fantasization and that is very helpful to all concerned.


I can speak a lot more on this topic but I won’t speak anymore because this is a highly personal topic and some people want to do this but some people also don’t want to do this and it’s not something that I can force you to do. But I can recommend that you at least give this a little bit of a try because Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy tries this everyday before he goes to sleep. Before you go to sleep is actually one of the best times to do this exercise because your mind is in the best state of rest possible. And a melatonin in your brain is about to kick in so that you’re about to rest your entire body after a Long Day’s Work. These days working is really long and stressful and I completely understand how this can be troubling for a lot of people.


I want to assure you that nothing was harmed during the process of fantasy because one person Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy feels like safety is one of the biggest prerogative stat anyone should possibly have for themselves and their organizations so that’s why fantasy is on the top of the list wherever he goes and he teaches people how to do this in the deepest way possible so that people get the best return on investment and it’s something that they’ll want to do the rest of their lives.