Christian Events

Dallas Christian comedian Mike Toy is your best choice for good, clean fun! That’s why churches and Christian conferences all across the country trust him to deliver. Since Mike is a Christian, he refrains from a lot of swear words that many comedians use to get a quick laugh. Even though there has been requests for Mike to expand his market by using more vulgar words in his shows he has always resisted the temptation. He will not capitulate to worldly values. Mike would much rather have a smaller market and stay true to what is good in God’s eyes. So thank you for choosing him as your entertainer. This makes it possible for him to continue to do what he loves with people.

When it comes to getting people to laugh, Mike Toy is not your typical Dallas Christian comedian. What sets him apart is that he blends comedy with magic, leaving a unique and memorable experience. Mike understands that your audience want good, clean, and wholesome fun. And that is exactly what he brings!

A little bit about Dallas Christian comedian Mike Toy’s spiritual background. He grew up in with atheist parents so he didn’t hear about God, the Bible, Jesus, etc until his mom enrolled him at a Presbyterian church’s summer school program when he was seven. At first, he thought all the Bible stories were interesting, but relegated it to fiction. After all, he had never seen God, seen a miracle, or experienced the afterlife to know there really is one. Fair enough, right? What he was missing was faith.

Fast forward to 14, one of his basketball buddies invited future Dallas Christian comedian Mike Toy to a Baptist church high school youth group. Initially, he didn’t want to go because he didn’t think faith and religion was for him, but his friend told him to keep an open mind. So Mike went with an open mind. And because of that he asked every question under the sun like “How do I know the Bible is true?” “Why is Jesus the only way?” “Is there really a heaven and hell?” After a period of six months, Mike started to believe the Bible and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. This was a huge shift in his life. It would be a moment that would affect every other decision in his life.

Mike’s spiritual journey was about to begin, but it was rocky at first. He didn’t know his identity in Christ so as a teenager he found his significance in being popular and well-liked by his peers. This eventually led him to become student body president of his high school. Now, all this sounds great, but he was miserable inside because he was always concerned about making everyone happy and pleasing everyone. And we know you can’t please everyone all the time. So when even a few people might not like him he took it personal and spiraled downwards. With that said, sometimes it was just how he perceived others. Mike was always worried someone might be upset with him. This was paralyzing.

Alas, some help came when he attended college. He read a book called “Victory Over the Darkness” and it helped him understand who he was in Christ and it was a beautiful thing. It was quite a relief. For the first time, Mike was starting to understand that it wasn’t what he did or didn’t do that made him significant. He was special because simply put… God says so. This was a huge spiritual step of progress for Dallas Christian comedian Mike Toy.

But soon after this, spiritual doubts flooded Mike’s mind. He was taking some religious studies courses and his professor introduced him to a liberal view of the Bible (i.e. Jesus didn’t say most of the things in the gospels) and that really rocked his faith, which at that time had not yet a solid foundation. So for the next few years, Dallas Christian comedian Mike Toy struggled tremendously with the validity of the Bible. He spent considerable time reading apologetics by Josh McDowell, Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig and even atheists’ writings who argued against the Bible.

This was the darkest time in Mike’s life. He was on the brink of losing the faith he embraced when he was 14. Fortunately, Mike came to grips with the truth that everyone is exercising faith, whether in atheism or Jesus or Buddha, etc. Events in history cannot be proved conclusively so it requires faith. For instance, you can’t prove that Abraham Lincoln was president. It requires faith. That’s not to say that there might not be evidence of his existence. So life is a gamble.

You can gamble on Jesus or millions of other religions and philosophies. Mike finally came around yet again through the grace of God and realized that Jesus is the best option. So that’s where he puts all his chips and is all-in on. If Jesus is not, then he is not. Simple as that. And it is this hope that he hopes to communicate to your audience.

You have many entertainment options, but there’s only one Mike Toy. And he would love to be at your event. So if you’re ready to have a great time, reach out to him today! He can only accommodate one event per date so once it’s booked, it’s booked so don’t procrastinate.

If you have any questions, feel free to text or call him and he’ll respond to you right away. Mike Toy is an ordinary person that God has used in extraordinary ways. Bring his talent to your audience today! Your audience will be ever grateful. It might be one of your very best decisions yet.

After (or before) each performance, Mike is happy to visit with your audience, chit-chat, and pray with them, if they would like that. He’s super approachable and would get along with everyone.