Mike Toy is a Dallas corporate comedian like none other. Why do I say that? Well, not only is he a comedian, but he’s also a magician so you’re getting the best of both worlds. Why is this important? Great question… Well, some of your guests or event attendees might enjoy comedy. Great. Some of them might actually want to be astonished so that’s where magic comes up. But Mike is in the rare company of only a handful who marry comedy with magic and that’s union is heavenly! Who doesn’t want a belly-aching good laugh? Who wouldn’t want to be surprised like they never have before?

Life can be quite monotonous. Go to work. Relax at home. Repeat and repeat. Sometimes your people just want to escape. I mean… who doesn’t want to escape. So that’s where Dallas corporate comedian Mike Toy can make your event unforgettable. See where I’m going?

Now, a word about the Mike’s comedy style. He only uses clean humor. Yes, I know. He’s good enough to only use clean humor and still get lots of laughs. So don’t you worry about any offensive language or him putting people down or sexual innuendos of any kind. That’s just not how he rolls. The reason he doesn’t resort to R-rated humor is because he personally can’t say anything his mother would disapprove of. And trust me, once you see Mike’s performance you, too, will understand that Mike’s comedy style is super funny and it’s totally unnecessary to stoop low to generate cheap laughs.

It’s important to understand Dallas corporate comedian Mike Toy’s philosophy of comedy because he understands just how important it is for you, as the event planner, not to receive complaints from your attendees about the performer’s language. There are many people who just prefer clean, rather than vulgar humor and if you only have one chance to impress them you’ll want Mike Toy.

How exactly does Dallas corporate comedian Mike Toy generate laughs? Well, great question! The answer is in more than one way. One of Mike’s favorite ways of doing this is having audience participation, where the people from the audience get selected to come up on stage to do something together with Mike. These are usually the most memorable comedic pieces in the show. Imagine having your CEO or colleague up on stage. Woot-woot! Or it might even be you! Don’t worry. Mike won’t embarrass anyone. He treats every volunteer with utmost respect. After all, they’re not part of the entertainment, too.

We understand that not everyone laughs at everything. Some people enjoy play on words. Others like slap stick. And of course, punchlines catch people off guard and that’s funny, too. Well, Dallas corporate comedian Mike Toy uses just about every single style of comedy imaginable. This way, he can reach every single audience member including the engineers. Yeah, you heard that right! Mike can even make engineers laugh. Crazy, huh?

You might be wondering, “So where did Mike get his sense of humor from?” Look no further than his dad! His dad, if you ever have a chance to meet him, has the quirkiest sense of humor you’ve ever seen. He can make things that are boring, not funny, really hilarious. What a gift that is! So obviously, Mike being his father’s son, just absorbed everything the comedy master taught. He made note of what was funny and what wasn’t funny. But not only that he made note of why some things were funny and others were not. Yes, there’s a science behind comedy. It’s not just saying whatever.

Over the years, Dallas corporate comedian Mike Toy created an archive of funny remarks and ideas, all exclusive to him. What this means is that Mike doesn’t steal comedy lines from others. If you’re laughing you’re laughing at his custom material. This means you won’t hear it anywhere else… unless of course, other people are copying his jokes. What a lot of people don’t realize is that many of the jokes and humor come up impromptu, in other words, in the moment. This happens often during Mike’s show. Sometimes he doesn’t know what he’s going to say until he says it. Yeah, thinking on your feet and doing thousands of shows helped hone and perfect the performance you’re about to see.

Just like anything in life, if you do it hundreds or thousands of times you’ll work out little kinks and make fixes to a point where it’s ready to go. Mike often makes it a practice to record his shows so that he can re-watch it and see at which points people laugh and what can be done to make the laughs even louder. As you can see, Mike takes comedy quite seriously!

It begs the question, “Why does Mike think comedy is so important?” Well, as you and I know, life is challenging. You never know who’s in the audience. Sometimes it’s someone who has an illness or someone who just lost their job or someone who are hitting hard times. Whatever the case might be, people need to escape. For just a short time people want to forget about the things in life besetting them and just laugh. Laughter is so important for people to experiencing. It releases serotonin and has natural healing power. It lifts the spirit and makes people smile. Now who doesn’t want this?

For all these reasons and more, thanks for choosing Mike Toy as your entertainer of choice for your next event. He is honored to be at your event and understand just how important his responsibility is of sharing the laughs with all in the room. So if you’re ready for your audience to laugh and laugh and laugh, then look no further. Mike Toy is your best option for comedian because you’re not just getting a comedian, but you’re getting a 2-for-1, a comedian and magician.