Virtual Shows

If you’re looking for a comedy magic show in the convenience of your own office or home, Mike Toy’s virtual show is perfect for those who want interactive online entertainment. In fact, he is a certified master virtual presenter so you know you’re getting someone reliable. And no, this was not a certification that he came up with or started. It’s for reals! Mike is the ultimate corporate magician for Dallas and beyond. Of course, he is also available for private, personal events.

Virtual shows require each participant to have their cameras on so that’ll be important to communicate with your people. It’s just really hard to interact with people if you can’t see them at all if you know what I mean. But what people don’t realize is that equally important is to have a good microphone. Typically, the microphones that come built into laptops are just OK quality so it is highly recommended that each participant attaches an external microphone. That way everyone can hear you way better and we don’t have to be like, “Can you say that again? I couldn’t hear you” which can dampen the online magic experience for everyone.

What is also recommended from Dallas corporate magician Mike Toy is that the organizer gets everyone ready at least a few minutes before showtime. Be sure to ask people to mute themselves to minimize ambient noise and chatter. Better yet, if you can mute everyone that would be even better. This makes it easier for others so they don’t need to figure out how to mute themselves, especially when they are not too familiar with zoom. Another suggestion is to remind everyone that they should act as if people are able to see them all the time even if they think they’ve turned their cameras off. This will prevent people from doing things that they might regret, thinking no one can see. If you’re on zoom, always assume everyone can see you.

You’re probably wondering… “Can Dallas corporate magician Mike Toy perform online? Isn’t magic meant to be for live audiences?” Great question! The online platform has some restrictions for sure. For instance, you can’t really as someone to “Pick a card. Any card.” But, there are advantages as well. For instance, when he is able to read your mind it’s so much more powerful because you weren’t expecting him to read someone’s mind who’s in a completely different city or state or country. Imagine the reactions of your audience. They’ll be so befuddled.

The other advantage of an online show is that you can gather people from virtually anywhere in the world to experience it together. So if your company has offices in Argentina or Italy or Johannesburg, as long as you can agree on a time, Dallas corporate magician Mike Toy, can do it! Imagine having people half way around the planet all together in one virtual room! Now that sounds like something exciting. Keep in mind that just because the show is online doesn’t mean it’s not interactive. He will still call on some volunteers to help out with some effects.

So if you’re ready to take the boring out of online events, Dallas corporate magician Mike Toy is your solution. Yes, I’m sure you know how it feels to be on less than exciting online meetings where you just can’t wait for it to end, but you’re pretending to enjoy it because you don’t want to set a bad example to others of tuning out. But let’s be real here, with comedy magic in your program your audience will be interested in what’s coming. In fact, they’ll even pay attention. Imagine that.

A lot of people want to know the content of Mike Toy, Dallas corporate magician’s show. That, my friend, is a secret. And a good magician never gives away his secrets. You’ll have to watch it to find out. And even then your eyes may deceive you. You might wonder, “What did I just see?” Yes, you can trust your eyes. But what if your eyes are deceiving you? Yes, that could be a problem. With him, you can be assured that there are no fancy camera tricks. Nope. It’s just magic. Plain and simple. If you’re looking for camera tricks, may I recommend an action flick?

There are just so many possibilities with online comedy magic shows. Mike has had so many years of experience performing for audiences both on and off-line that your event will run super smooth and seamlessly. Isn’t that what you want? That’s an event planner’s dream for an event to go this way. With experience comes knowing what to do in upcoming situations. When something goes unexpected, Mike can help your event bounce right back. In fact, you might consider him as an emcee to your event also. This will liven up the spirits of your online crowd. Remember, it’s been a long time since people have laughed so hard and had such a good time. As an emcee, Mike will pump up the energy just when you need it so there’s no dull moment during the course of your program. Isn’t that great? Watch the event evaluation forms thank you for having everything you need to knock it out of the park. If we’re talking about secret weapon, this is your man!


Online events don’t have to be monotonous or boring. They really don’t need to be. In fact, when your event is interesting, people will pay more attention, learn more, and everything will just be happier. That’s a win-win. And who doesn’t want to win? This might just be the easiest online event you’ve ever had. And it doesn’t really have to be that hard. Just reach out to Mike and let him take care of the rest. He has worked with countless clients who would attest to the same. High energy and exciting isn’t just limited to the in-person events. Your online event can be memorable, too! Not only are we so confident that Mike can deliver the goods, you’ll find out yourself firsthand what we’re talking about. In fact, you’ll be kicking yourself you haven’t booked him earlier. Well, don’t kick yourself too hard because it’s still not too late!