Private Events

You’re celebrating a private occasion. You want it to be amazing. Not sure what to do? You’ve come to the right place because Dallas magician Mike Toy is your solution. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, anniversary, holiday, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, he’s got you covered! Where there’s a celebration, he’ll be there. And you’ll be glad you hired him because that’s what your guests will be talking about.

These celebrations are momentous. That’s what everyone will be remembering when they look back at life. They’ll say, “Did you remember when the magician did the trick where…?” or “We had such a fun time at Harry’s birthday. That Dallas magician Mike Toy was something wasn’t he?” Because of how important these occasions are you don’t want to leave it to chance. Sure, you can find another entertainer who is cheaper, but you get what you pay for. Often it’s not worth risking quality entertainment to save a few dollars that’s really not going to matter in the long scope of things. In other words, don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish. It’s just not worth it.

Having tricks up his sleeve is what Dallas magician Mike Toy has in store for your audience. What exactly is he going to pull out of his sleeve? Well, you’ll have to book him to find out. But whatever it is your audience is going to love it. In fact, he often performs tricks that are exclusive to him. In other words, you’re not going to see these effects anywhere else. His patter and humor are exclusive to him, too. So you’re getting quite a unique experience. Where else can you get this? Trick question. Nowhere else.

If you have multiple entertainers lined up for your event like DJs, musicians, dancers, etc., it would be advisable to let Mike Toy Dallas magician know so he can recommend an order that will make things flow the smoothest possible. Often times, just scheduling certain styles of performance in its proper place will make all the difference. Don’t worry, he will be your seasoned professional.

Dallas magician Mike Toy is a unique, hard-to-find entertainer because he’s a blend between two styles, namely comedy and magic. Not too many people can blend the two that beautifully and seamlessly. Truth be told it takes a lot of hard work and years of practice. It’s not something that anyone can just put together in a day. It’s amazing how much time is spent creating this hit. Whenever a good idea comes up, it’s important to write it down, otherwise it may never come back. You have to ask… “Will people think it’s funny?” “Is this twist in magic be surprising?” Sometimes, you don’t really know if something will work or not unless you try it.

A word about Mike Toy, Dallas magician’s people skills… He believes that everyone is valuable and treats individuals with utmost respect. Everyone is created imago dei (Latin term) so there is tremendous value there. This is important to mention because nobody in your audience will be brushed off or pushed to the side. Everybody is treated well. Just wanted to mention this because no matter who that person is they will be respected like a star. Mike loves chatting and getting to know the audience so it’s not a surprise if you see him interacting and chatting with people both before and after he performs or speaks.

When it comes to private events, the number of people can range the gamut. Sometimes it’s small and intimate. Sometimes it’s large. Mike Toy, Dallas magician, gets it. For every event you do have the option of having mingling magic and/or a stage performance. What is mingling magic? Great question. It’s informal magic designed for groups of people 10 or smaller. Typically, a set will last no more than 3-5 minutes. Mike would simply circulate amongst the crowd. It’s simply a teaser of what’s to come, assuming there’s a formal stage magic performance later on. It’s also a great way for your guests to know each other, especially if people don’t know each other well or at all. It helps breaks the ice. What better way to do this, but by sharing in a magic moment together? It’s also a way for Mike to connect with audience members and win them over before your even formally begins. This would be perfect for cocktail hour or hors d’oeuvre hour where people are just hanging out before the meal is served.

If you do opt for a private performance from Mike, you’re in for a real treat. It’s important to let him know what audience size you’re expecting so that he can have the right effects for maximum entertainment. As you can imagine there are tricks that work well for small audiences and some that work well for large audiences. When it comes to preparing for your event, he doesn’t cut any corners, making sure that you get nothing but the very best. And whether your group is small or huge, Mike will give his 110% to make this the best private event you’ve put on yet. How does that sound?

When should you book Mike? Well, as soon as you’re thinking about putting an event together it doesn’t hurt to have a chat with Mike. It doesn’t hurt for Mike to know about your event in the pre-planning phase. Often times, he can advise you on what it takes to have the best experience possible. This avoids common pitfalls that event planner do that sometimes sabotages their own events like having a performance go on concurrently when people are eating. In this instance, people are not paying attention and that would not be the best experience for your audience. So whenever you’re ready, reach out to Mike and have a conversation. It might be your best move yet.