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Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller)

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Poof! Hocus-Pocus! Abracadabra! However you say magic you’re at the right place. Mike Toy, Dallas illusionist, is just what the doctor ordered for your event. If you want funny, he’s got you covered. If you want surprises, he’s got that. If you want to see a bunny pulled out of an empty hat, you got it! There’s just about nothing Mike can’t do. In fact, sometimes he even surprises himself.

A lot of people wonder what the difference between a magician and Dallas illusionist Mike Toy is and the reality is that it’s the same thing. These are just synonyms. Others have even used the words “prestidigitator” or “conjuror”. Whatever floats your boat Mike is what you’re looking for! In fact, he’s been wowing audiences since he was seven. That’s a long time.

One of the fondest childhood memories of Dallas illusionist Mike Toy was when his dad beckoned him over to watch TV. This is highly unusual because Chinese parents never encourage their kids to watch TV. Mike was obviously wondering what was so special on TV. What he saw next would change his life. Mike saw a glimpse of his future. The TV show featured David Copperfield, the best-known magician in recent times. Copperfield floated through the air, made cars disappear, and even walked through The Great Wall of China. Needless to say, this left a strong impression on young Mike.

Over the years Dallas illusionist Mike Toy has spent countless hours practicing tricks, going to magician conventions, and talking with some of the world’s greatest magical thinkers on how to bring the very best of the magic world to audiences everywhere. But if this is all I say, this would only be half the story because Mike also spent countless time hanging out with some of the top comedians in the world. And that has rubbed off on him. So what you end up getting is a top level comedian and world class magician all packaged in one. The best of both world, some might say.

You might be wondering how Mike Toy, Dallas illusionist, came to the point where he is today. Great question. Not sure if you can relate to this or not, but here’s the story. Mike never felt like he fitted in. He was competitive in just about everything, sports, chess, the spelling bee, you name it. It was never fun to lose, but if he did the best he could he was happy to live with the results. This competitive nature pushed him to excel and to heights that surprised even him. What he learned is that most of the limits that we place on ourselves is all in our heads.

One example of this is Dallas illusionist, Mike Toy’s life was when he was in middle school. When it came to basketball, there was a kid named Jeffrey who was bigger and faster than Mike. Every time, Mike tried to block Jeffrey’s jump shots, he couldn’t reach high enough and Jeffrey would always score over him. This went on for two year. Eventually, Mike stopped trying to block Jeffrey’s shots because he thought, “What’s the point? I can’t reach high enough anyway.” What Mike didn’t realize was that over this two year span, he actually got faster, bigger, and stronger than Jeffrey. But because mentally, Mike didn’t think he could he didn’t bother giving the effort. Well, one day, Mike decided to just play his heart out and when Jeffrey took his jump shots, Mike would lounge at the ball and would block it. Mike was so surprised. From then on out, whenever Jeffrey pulled up for jump shots, Mike would block them. Why do I share this story? Simply to let you know that you are more capable than you give yourself credit for.

This story parallels magic because people think there are certain things you can and can’t do. Magic bends those rules and says that the impossible is really quite possible. Mike believes that a little bit of magic in your audiences’ lives will add tremendous value. One of the most challenging groups of people to perform magic for are engineers because they are so analytical and want to figure everything out, but even with such a crowd Mike will surely impress.

Everybody loves magic. It’s something that just can’t go wrong with your audience. The special feature of magic is that live magic is not readily experienced by everyone. After all, there aren’t that many magicians in the country who perform shows. And even if people have seen magic it’s usually online and not in person. Although that is great, nothing substitutes for magic done in person. It brings the excitement and experience to a whole new level. And once you see it in person you don’t want to go back to any other medium.

Magic has been celebrated for thousands of years through multitudes of cultures and peoples. It unifies people in a way nothing else does. It even breaks through language barriers. People know when they see something they don’t see every day and they’ll remember it. Mike has thousands of tricks and illusions up his sleeve, but will individually tailor an experience that’s perfect for your audience. People can’t wait to see more. And trust me, these memories will not soon be forgotten. If you don’t believe me, just think about a magic trick that blew you away. Of course, you remember it. And you always will.

Mike has been a full-time performer/speaker for many years and would be delighted to bring his expertise to your stage. You’ll be glad you did. In fact, you’ll likely get audience members mentioning how delighted they are and ask you to bring him back, again and again. And that’s what we call a win-win situation. And who doesn’t want to win? So what are you waiting for? Reach out to Mike today and let’s get the ball rolling. It might be your best decision ever… you’ll be so glad you did.