Corporate Entertainer

If you’re looking for corporate entertainment in Dallas or anywhere, then Mike Toy is your man! He’s a favorite amongst Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Google, Citibank and many, many more. In fact, once you book him, you’ll understand why corporations book him over and over again. Whatever your corporate needs are whether it’s to appreciate your employees and customers, or to celebrate a milestone or achievement, or a tradeshow, or a Christmas party, Mike Toy has got your back.

Some people ask about the technical needs of Dallas corporate entertainer Mike Toy. To have the best experience possible, he’ll want to have a wireless, hands-free microphone and one hand-held (preferably wireless) microphone. This will help your audience hear well, especially folks in the back. What would also help is if you provide a raised platform so that the crowd can see the performance better. Mike often perform for large crowds. In this case, projection screens are recommended.

A lot of people have asked where Mike is available to perform. Actually, though Dallas corporate entertainer Mike Toy is based in Oklahoma he can go anywhere on the planet. His magic has been seen in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, and more. He is an international traveler. If you are interested in having him perform in your country, you may need to provide a translator so that people can understand what is being said.

Since Mike is a seasoned Dallas corporate entertainer, his entertainment would be perfect for your event. He is a consummate professional so he will arrive early to your event. Believe me. You already have enough balls to juggle, having an entertainer not show up shouldn’t be one of them. Mike understands events from the event planners’ point of view. If your schedule of events change he will happily and easily adapt. That just goes with his flexible personality.

Before you book your corporate event Mike would talk to you about your goals. Each event is unique and different and so are the needs of the audience and event planners. Dallas corporate entertainer Mike Toy will be happy to advise you on how to have the best possible event. If need be, he’d be happy to review your schedule of events and recommend an order that will make your event the best it can possibly be.

If you’re wondering what sets Dallas corporate entertainer Mike Toy apart from the rest it is simply that he understands you, the event planner. He understands your struggles, challenges, and frustrations and he won’t add to any of that. In fact, you’ll commonly find that he will advocate for you. Not only will he cheerlead you, but he’ll give you practical bits of wisdom from his many years of experience. Trust me, he has seen just about everything that can go wrong at events. He’s made notes of them and figured out workarounds so that nothing will torpedo your event and you come out the hero!

If your event is annual, Mike’s got something up his sleeve just for you. Mike Toy, Dallas corporate entertainer, can bring something fresh to your event year after year. Yes, he’s your one stop shop for all your corporate event needs. Yes, he’s been a real professional for quite a long time now so he’s seen just about everything. If there’s something he hasn’t seen, at this point, it would be hard to fathom. When you get a chance you can even ask him about why some events don’t live up to their potential and what they can do to improve.

When it comes to corporate entertainment Mike understands human resources requirements. He will never ever use language either on stage or off of it that is offensive or inappropriate in any way. So you don’t need to worry about attendees complaining. That’s the last thing you want to hear more of. That’s why with Mike Toy you are assured of a performance that is clean so clean that you’d be willing to bring your mother to and she would approve of it. Yes, it’s that clean. Clean, clean entertainment is what he brings to the table.

When you book Mike for your event you’ll see firsthand why audiences love him. People just go bonkers. He is also super personable so he’ll treat each audience member with respect. If he does bring volunteers to the stage it will not be to embarrass them. No, no, no. He would never embarrass anyone or generate laughs at the expense of someone’s reputation. In other words, his humor is not others-deprecating. He understands that comedy doesn’t require anyone’s name to be tarnished. It’s just easy-going comedic fun. Something that people will appreciate and remember.

As an event planner, you may have questions about how to put on the best event possible. Mike would be more than happy to advise you with his compliments. After all, he seems this partnership as a tag team effort. If you win, he wins. Everyone wins. Who wouldn’t want that? Sometimes your AV team might have questions about optimal lighting or sound and Mike would be more than happy to talk to them also. We all know how important lighting and sound is to an overall performance. The AV team has an important role, often times underappreciated, since they are behind the scenes. And Mike understands that. That’s why even the AV will be treated with upmost respect by him.


Mike is easy to get a hold of. In fact, if you ever get have any issues or concerns before your event feel free to reach out to him and he’ll get back to you lightning fast. Seriously! You are #1 in his book! In fact, every paying client is #1 in his book. (That was an attempt at humor. If it went over your head, it’s OK!) So sit back and relax because with Mike at your event this is going to be the best one yet. And if your event is annual make sure you lock him in as early as possible. Dates are disappearing fast!