Christmas Magic

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s a song that a lot of people know about. Do you know where this is referring to? It’s referring to, of course it’s Christmas. Now whether or not you buy presents is completely up to you. But what I will suggest is that you buy some presents and give it to people that you really care about. Because after all the people that you really care about are the people that care about you the most. So it’s a principle called reciprocity. That’s why I recommend Tulsa Illusionist Mike toy because he is the perfect Christmas present for anything. So when you’re looking for some fun and entertainment you’re looking for this person. So what are you waiting for?


Speaking of Christmas I love this time of year because it snows and I can build snowmen and I can make snow angels and there’s a lot of fun that happens during this time of year and likewise I can actually have a little bit of rest and recuperation because that’s my down time. As a bear hibernate during the winter I use the winter time to recalibrate and think about the following year and what I can do better. Is that how you spend the end of your year? I recommend this as a wonderful opportunity and task for you to try to improve your batting average for the following year. Nobody knows this better than Tulsa illusionist Mike toy.  In fact he knows it so well that he can write a whole book on this topic. In fact he actually has written several books on this topic now that I think about it and you should probably pick them up while you can. Before they all sell out like pancakes.


 Christmas is also a wonderful time because it’s a time where kids get to be kids. Now we live in a world where kids are put under tremendous stress and it makes them grow old and it also had a childhood development. And who wants that. When kids are hampered they don’t develop properly and when they do become adults they have a lot of issues and baggage and that is not exactly the best recipe for a successful adult. A successful contributing member of society type of adult. Of course finding and helping these adults Thrive often requires looking at their childhood memories especially during the times of the year that matters the most. In this instance it would be Christmas Tulsa Illusionist Mike toy is the perfect punch.


When I think about this snowy time of the year I can’t help but realize that there are different responses of weather throughout the world. Actually in some parts of the world December is actually very warm and people won’t ever see snow and they feel like it’s not exactly Christmas. So it all depends on which hemisphere of the earth you live in. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere then December usually is a little bit cold. If you’re very lucky and you live in a part of the country where there is snow then that’s all the better for you. But if you live in the southern hemisphere like Tulsa Illusionist Mike Toy then you might have a completely different experience of this time of year altogether.


Dancing through the snow are reindeers that are flying Santa’s sleigh to A Whole New World. Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy knows a thing or two about reindeer flying because his good buddy Santa taught him a lot of things about traveling the entire Earth in a matter of seconds. Just to make sure all the presents are delivered in a timely manner is what he is born to do. There can be nobody better who knows what he’s doing then this person and I trust this person with everything I’ve got because she is very knowledgeable and very sensitive to his choices.


If you’re ready to have some Christmas cheer then you might want to sing some carols along the way. That way there will always be music in the background and there will never be a boring or dull moment. And nobody really wants that. Because everyone wants to be happy and excited and everyone wants to be Lively and really live life to its fullest. I don’t blame you if you are such a person because if I were you I would want the same for myself. Tulsa Illusionist Mike Toy is the absolute thrill that people that love Christmas would really really enjoy because he is the epitome of what Christmas spirit is all about. If you don’t believe that then go ahead and look in his trunk because there you will find a Santa suit waiting for you.


Speaking about Santa Claus, did you know that Santa wears a red outfit all the time and you’re probably wondering why that is. Well it’s because red is the color of cheer and there’s no better person to bring Christmas cheer than Santa. Some people call him Saint Nicholas but the truth is that his name really is Santa Claus. And he lives in the North Pole where a lot of his elves live too. Now have you ever seen the movie Elf you realize that the elves wear green outfits and they actually never take showers because that would mean taking off their green outfits in elves never ever do that. It’s just against elf culture and elves know that it’s not the right move to make. So that’s why a lot of Christmas is in red and green because those are the colors of the seasons and those are really great colors that really popped. Red and green pop out in a sea of rainbow colors and that’s why most things that you see that it’s about Christmas are surrounded by these wonderful colors and you’ll understand why this season of the year is great.