Meeting a Celebrity Magician

Let me tell you  about Tulsa magician Mike toy. he is one of the most amazing persons I have ever met and this is not just a comment that one or two people have said but it has been said by many many people.  in fact so many people have set this then he has actually been just collecting quotes from other people who have been saying this.  This is a remarkable feat because not a lot of people say words of praise and acclimation at this high level all the time. But this person is someone who gets them unsolicited in pretty much all the time wherever he goes. In fact some people see him on the street and realize that this is the magic guy and they just praise him also.


A lot of people don’t know what to do when they meet a celebrity. And that’s completely understandable because it’s not like we meet celebrities every day of Our Lives. So when we do meet a celebrity it’s important not to do the wrong thing that might turn somebody off from engagement with you further. The best way to do this according to do  this according to Tulsa  magician Mike toy  is 2 talk to them as if you were talking to a friend. This actually helps a lot because it puts the celebrity at ease. A lot of time celebrities do not want another person Fanning out and going goo goo gaga and going crazy over them. Because they have seen enough of this fan attention that they actually don’t really want any more of it. So it’s important that you get permission to do whatever you want to do.


 For example if you want a photo just say hey can I get a photo with you? Or if you want an autograph just say do you mind if I get you to sign something? This is nice as opposed to saying hey let’s take a picture or just sign this book okay because it starts to sound like a demand and it sounds like a come in and nobody likes being told what to do. When you give people the choice to take a picture with you or sign a book or memorabilia for you well they feel like they have a choice. Of course they were very likely going to do it anyways but because you were nice enough to ask they are much more obliged to give you what you want. This great advice from Tulsa magician mike toy is really amazing.


 I don’t know about you but a lot of times when you meet a celebrity you don’t really know what to do or you feel like hey is this really a celebrity or not? That’s totally relatable because sometimes when you meet a celebrity you’re not exactly sure if they are one or not because most of times you see them on TV or online or in movies and you don’t normally see them in real life and when you do see them in real life they may or may not be in character so it makes you a little bit unsure. Whatever you do be bold and be brave and approach this person. After all you never know if you will have another chance to cross paths with this celebrity so you might as well try.  Tulsa magician Mike toy has had a lot of experience with people approaching him and this is what he is suggesting. I likewise suggest that you take this advice to Heart.


Anytime you meet a celebrity it’s very normal for you to have your heart racing and also your mind spinning because you’re not exactly sure what the best approach is. So that’s why I’m really glad that you are reading this article because we addressed that very important phase in meeting celebrities. Now when you do get a photo of a celebrity make sure you don’t hand your camera off of somebody who doesn’t know how to take photos. Have you ever been in a photo where the photographer was so bad that you weren’t even in a picture or you were cut off or worse yet your heads were cut off? That’s something that you want to avoid at all costs because you don’t have all the opportunities in the world to get an extra photo so you want to make sure you do things right the first time. So I would actually encourage you to post that photo with the person who’s going to take your photo and say okay just stand exactly here and just hold this camera exactly here. This will give you your best shot of getting the picture that you want now. This advice comes from Tulsa magician Mike toy and I think it’s very valuable.


 Sometimes When Christmas Comes Along you might be shopping in you might not realize the opportunities you can have at meeting celebrities at events. Because it’s that time of year where there are a lot more parties and if you go to parties celebrities tend to hang out your chances of meeting a great person increases dramatically.  How do you know where to go? That’s a great question. I’m going to tell you. But in my already be common knowledge. You have to do your homework because when you are checking out a venue it’s important to check out that venues social media page and kind of see if there are any celebrity appearances in any of their photos. If there are chances are that these are places that celebrities might frequent. But if you don’t see any then according to Tulsa magician Mike toy there may be better places that you can try. And of course never give up. Because you never know when you can meet the person of your dreams. So give it a shot and give it the best shot you can possibly give because after all you never know when the stars align.