Why Parties Need Magic

You’re not exactly sure if you want to throw a party because it’s a lot of work. And believe me as somebody who has thrown lots of parties I know that it’s a lot of work. So you’re probably wondering about who’s going to buy the food. Who’s going to pick up the food? Who’s going to put together the invitation list? Who’s going to collect the RSVPs? Who’s going to decorate the place? Who’s going to buy the decorations? Who’s going to help people figure out where to park? Who’s going to be allergic to what foods? What type of entertainment are people going to enjoy? The list goes on and on and it’s quite understandable if you feel a little bit stressed just by the thought of putting something together. In all of my experience working with Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy I have found that he is the easiest piece of the puzzle. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of pieces of the puzzle but when it comes to entertainment this guy is Simply the Best. Not only in terms of quality but also he’s not high maintenance and demands Sushi flown in from Japan in order to perform. He’s easygoing and relatable. Just like a friend would be.


 So that’s why I highly recommend that when you put a party together that you first start with entertainment. Entertainment can make or break a party. If you don’t believe me just ask yourself this question. Have you ever been to a party where it was really boring? Now sometimes it’s boring because the people there have social skills that are lacking or people there are very cliquish and might not want to talk to new people or people are just boring all together. I’m sure you know what I mean. And that makes it really difficult to engage and socialize because it’s hard to carry the conversation all by yourself. Or maybe you found yourself in a situation where you’re asking all the questions and the other parties cannot ask questions back because they just don’t have enough social skills to do so. Whatever the case might be I want you to know that with the proper type of entertainer you can turn a boring party into a pretty good party. And you can turn a pretty good party into an even better experience for everybody. A lot of experience that Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy has is in this realm in bringing people together. Otherwise we would not be together.


Let me tell you what I mean by that because I can say what I mean but it’s better for me to demonstrate what I mean. When people come to a party assuming they don’t know a lot of people it is socially awkward for them to want to talk to anybody because initiating conversation is not something that is a strength for most people. Especially for people who are introverted they prefer to keep to themselves. Extroverts might have a little bit of advantage here especially if they don’t mind being out there a little bit more. But keep in mind that at least half the people in your party list are introverts. So how will you be able to help them break ties with other people? That’s a great question And with the knowledge that Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy has he will in no time figure it out.  This surely sounds like a tall order but it can be done and I can tell you that I have seen him accomplish this time and time again so it’s old hat for him in fact he can do it in his sleep.


What are the benefits of having a Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy at your event?  Well the benefits are tremendous because he’s able to bring people together in a fun way and help people be interested in other people. It’s what we call tableside Magic or some people call it close up magic or some people call it mingling magic. Whatever you want to call it is fine because the result will be the same because people will feel like somebody came up to them and showed interest and they were able to share some laughs and magical moments with other strangers and that helps facilitate the conversations that otherwise might not happen. A lot of times introverts warm up quickly as long as there’s something that helps them warm up. And that’s where Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy comes into mind.


A lot of people don’t understand the value of a person like this that brings people together in a way that otherwise might not happen but I know that you are somebody who cares about the quality of experience and your guests might have had a party of yours. After that you don’t want to be the negative talk of town. You don’t want people to think hey so a cell party is so terrible and boring and I really wish that I was not there. You should go to his party at all. You certainly don’t want people to come that way and the good news is that people won’t talk that way as long as you give them something positive to talk about so that’s why you don’t want to have Tulsa Illusionist Mike toy at your event.


 Parties come and go and celebrations come and go. But it’s the relationships that come out of these events that make or break life. Life is about relationships and a better quality relationship you have the richer a person you certainly are and who wouldn’t want to be filthy rich when it comes to positive relationships where both parties benefit. Of course you want these types of people in your life and truth be told everybody wants such people in their life because they know that life is much sunnier that way and when the sun shines brightly everything is given more light and everything is a little bit better for everyone.