Why People Love Magic

People like magic for a variety of reasons and some of the reasons why it’s very popular is because a lot of times magic doesn’t even require you to be from a certain culture or understand is foreign language. As you already know magic happens in just about every culture on this entire planet. And a lot of magic can be performed without even speaking a word. Because it’s a very visual art form a lot of people can appreciate it even people who are really young and as young as 3 years old. They will think that it’s amazing too. And so it’s a best bang-for-the-buck scenario that you come up with. Summoning Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy to do some magic for you is something that is a real treat for a lot of people. For the people who are fortunate enough to witness a truly great performer. Here he is.


People’s love for magic have been documented very well for quite a number of years in books and in videos and Wherever You Go in different countries there’s usually some type of Magic Shell you can see or truck out. Now every show is a little bit different because of the magic influenced by the culture it’s in. For example some people really love to laugh and so they prefer a style of mansion called comedy Magic or, go magic. If you’re German you might be more theoretical and more of a tinker so you might not like laughing as much so for you there is a type of management that is more analytical. I remember performing 4 engineers and they don’t respond to Magic like a lot of other people do because they’re always trying to figure out what the solution is or what you’re trying to do to trick them. And don’t worry about them too much not reacting like normal people because that’s just how they are like. They really do enjoy the on the inside. One thing that you can 2 to help make it more enjoyable for engineers is to just let them know up front that you are not trying to outsmart them. But you’re just having a little bit of fun. This simple tip by Tulsa Illusionist Mike toy helps disarm them and makes the experience much more fun.


People young and old really love magic because it’s something that they don’t see everyday. And it’s not something that they see every week either. Magic that is life is rarely seen because it’s an art form that not a lot of people spend a lot of time trying to learn and master and because of this it makes it a real treat when people have to see it. Now compare that with music and you’ll see that a lot of people have seen or heard musicians at various events. There are a lot more musicians than magicians. It’s a term that gets confused quite often and a lot of times you have to enunciate if you are a magician people may actually hear music and then you’ll need to clarify that to them. But Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy tells us a really great story of how magic can be really touching to people’s lives.


I’m not saying that music can’t touch other people’s lives because it certainly can but what I am trying to tell you is that music touches people in a way that magic doesn’t and vice versa and so it’s helpful to have both. People like magic because there’s a mystery behind it. They are mesmerized by the impossible. I mean people are always fascinated with impossible things. That’s why John F Kennedy Junior was so inspirational when he was telling people that Americans should shoot for the moon. Not because it is easy but because it is hard. And that is great motivation to try to push yourself to your limits. Afterall, magic is pushing the limits on the imagination and the limits on human beings also. So I just want to commend you for your interest in this topic because it tells me that you are the top 1% of people who really understand how critical this is. Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy can not be more happy to know this about you.


There can be many other reasons why people are in love with magic. Some of the reasons can be because it conjures up the light and innocence that is lost in the adult world. When we are adults we are working hard and there is a grind and it’s not easy to really take a break because we’re often encouraged to be very industrious and hard-working. there’s something wrong with that but the cost of this sometimes is childhood innocence and wonderment. And wonderment actually affects our creativity so if you are in a creative field then you might want to trust in yourself when it comes to maybe picking up a magic trick or two because you’ll probably really love it and if you really love it other people will too. I seem to agree with Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy about this very topic because we’re speaking the same language.


If you’re not sure if you love magic or not then I don’t want to encourage you to check out some shows in your town. You might find that you really enjoy it. In fact you might enjoy it so much that you might want to see more more shows and before you know it you would become a magic aficionado and diggit so much that you just can’t stop getting more and more of it. It’s a sign of a magic addiction that Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy boy says that he has Ever since he was a young buck he always thought that it was the most amazing thing ever and if he can leave any wise words for you here I think he would just encourage you to love magic and give it all you have.