Why You Should Know Magic

There are a lot of different skills that you can learn in you’re probably wondering why you want to learn a few magic tricks or at least know how to do a couple of magic tricks in case a situation comes up when you can. Well this is an important topic to discuss because you never know when you want to be able to illustrate a certain point. And a lot of things are impromptu so that means that you never realize when you need things until you really do need it. So I want to let you know that you can easily learn a few magic tricks and that you really should learn them also. According to Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy, when you learn a few tricks you will actually have more confidence in you. And that confidence can come in very handy when it comes to meeting new people and also when it comes to being a spokesperson in certain situations. People start viewing you as a leader because you took the initiative or maybe they volunteered you to take the initiative when it comes to speaking up on a certain topic.


Take for instance a trick that you might know that’s very simple. Let’s just call it a card trick and you can understand why this can be really helpful to you in certain situations. When the meeting gets very boring or very drawn-out and people are about to sleep they need some type of stimulation for energy injected into the meeting before they can actually wake up and pay attention. If they don’t wake up then what’s going to happen is that they’re going to tune out of everything that they see or hear and at that point it’s a pretty useless meeting to because learning has completely shut down and there’s no point saying anything more because nothing else is getting into people’s heads. Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy says that it’s important  to be mindful that you actually have the power to bring life into a meeting.


Now I know you might be thinking that it might be very difficult to learn a trick or you might consider yourself an old dog who doesn’t learn new tricks. Pun intended of course. Was that funny? Anyways back to what we were talking about. It’s important to understand that yes soon tricks might be difficult to learn but once you learn them they will be in your back pocket for the rest of your life and you can count on them wherever you go whatever you do. So isn’t it worth it to have something like that in your toolbox? I think it certainly is. In Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy thinks so too.


Think about the first trick you ever learned. Didn’t blow you away when you were seeing it for the very first time. And of course when you saw the solution you might have been a little bit disappointed or you might have thought gosh I could have figured it out on my own it was so simple. And you know what you’re right. It is very simple. In fact it’s so simple that you can actually learn to do a few tricks even. Some of these traits don’t take very long to master and I would suggest starting with them. Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy says that some of these tricks  can be mastered as soon as 5 minutes. Think about that. In just 5 minutes you can do something that 99% of the people in the room can’t do. That is really awesome and that really didn’t take much of an investment of time.


Of course learning how to do something in 5 minutes does it mean that you’re going to do it very well as you know practice makes perfect and you’ll need to 2 it hundreds and hundreds of times in order to do a really fantastic job. When you do it that often it becomes second nature and you can focus on your presentation and come up with some funny bits or some humor that you can sprinkled throughout your presentation which brings up the overall experience of the audience to a much higher level and do remember you even more because of that. The training of Tulsa illusionist Mike Toy is that he can actually make this very possible for you to learn. Yes, how would you like to learn something in just a few minutes that will just blow away everybody you will ever meet? So it is possible but you just have to believe in yourself and give yourself a chance to learn these things.


When it comes to selected material you want to ask yourself what works best for you. Obviously you don’t want to buy a sawing a woman in half of Illusion  because that might be a little bit too overwhelming in the beginning especially if you’re just starting out. You might want to start off with something very simple. Let’s say for example magic with cards or magic with a pen or pencil or magic with rubber bands. These things are really great for beginners because they actually fit in your pocket and because of that you have access to them all the time. You don’t necessarily have access to the bigger items in magic and in order to be really good at something you really need to have access to these things very quickly and also very easily all the time. That’s how you get better and better and that’s how you’re going to do to impress the people that you performed for. So to answer the question about whether somebody should know magic. The answer is obviously yes. Everybody should learn magic because it’s very easy to learn especially in the beginning stages and it can make a world of a difference because it makes you stand out in the sea of normal nests. And that is what you’re looking for.